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Calling all owners of snakes!

As I’m coming up to the third year of my Animal Management degree, I have the fun task of starting my dissertation this summer. My dissertation is investigating if there is a link between the amount of UV which passes through the shed skin of snakes, and their lifestyles or taxonomic grouping. Hopefully I’ll also be able to apply the results to extrapolate if some species would benefit from UV in captivity, though this is not the focus of my dissertation.

But, here’s where you come in.

I need shed skins, and lots of them! The more skins I have, the larger a data sample and the more reliable my results will be. I’m looking for complete sheds, dried flat and straight from colubrid, boid and python species.

If you have shed skins which you would like to be tested, please bag them individually and in each bag include a piece of paper with the following details:

  • species
  • morph
  • age / birthdate of the snake
  • date the skin was shed {note: please write the month as a word to avoid confusion}

As these are all variables which may affect the results it’s very important that the data is as accurate as possible. Multiple shed skins from the same individual would also be very useful as I need to test to see if the skins degrade over time. I will credit in general the people who have donated shed skins, but if you include your name in with the skins I can credit you by name as well :)

If after all that you still want to send me shed skins, send them to

Amy Wilkinson,
7 Greenfern Avenue,
Slough, Berkshire,
United Kingdom,

Thanks for reading this!

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    By the way. Living in “Slough” and needing shed skins is just. irony.
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