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rhamphotheca: Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis)

… is an arboreal rear-fanged venomous colubrid snake native to eastern and northern coastal Australia, Papua New Guinea, and a large number of islands in northwestern Melanesia. This snake is infamous for being an invasive species responsible for devastating the majority of the native bird population in Guam.

The brown tree snake preys upon birds, lizards, bats and small rodents in its native range. Due to the availability of prey and lack of predators in introduced habitats such as Guam, they have been known to grow to larger sizes than their normal 1 to 2 m (3.3 to 6.6 ft) in length.The longest recorded length of this species is one found on Guam measuring three metres (9.8 ft).

The brown tree snake is a nocturnal snake that can be very aggressive when confronted.It is a rear-fanged colubrid, possessing two small, grooved fangs at the rear of the mouth. The venom appears to be weakly neurotoxic and possibly cytotoxic with localized effects, but these effects are trivial for adult humans, and serious medical consequences have been limited to children…

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(photos: T - NPS, BL - Soulgany101, BR - native range by USGS)

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